Western Curb Bits

Western curb bits are designed to provide maximum comfort and top performance to horse during the ride. Comfortable mouthpiece that encourage salivation and acceptance of the bit in the mouth. These premium quality bits comes with many designs and options.

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Premium western curb bits for horses.
Made with premium quality stainless steel.
Permits more salivation with bit in the mouth.
Ensures salivation and relaxation bit in the mouth.
Durable, easy to clean, tasteless and does not rust.
Reduces the severe direct pressure on the bars of the mouth.
Eliminates the nutcracker effect of a single joint, prevents pinching of the lips and bars of the mouth.
Comfortable and sits very nicely on the tongue, encouraging your horse to get used to the bit faster.
Applies just the right amount of pressure to the tongue and bars of the horse’s mouth without displeasing them.
Following options are available;
Stainless steel with copper toping, Copper improves salivation for a wet mouth.
Curb bits with wider ports for maximum tongue relief, Curves to allow more room for the tongue.
Curved mouthpiece eliminates interference and stops the bits from hitting the roof of the mouth.
Hard rubber jointed mouth for young horses or horses with injured mouth for no tongue pressure.
Possible sizes 11 CM, 11.5 CM, 12 CM, 12.5 CM, 13 CM, 13.5 CM, 14 CM, 14.5 CM or customisations.
Available in all color, size and combination.