Vital Horse Riding Gloves

Premium quality vital horse riding gloves are made from high support premium quality durable cowhide leather. Vital riding gloves design with open cuff and open seams for elegant and classic look. Premium quality vital horse riding gloves can be made in different colors, designs and combinations.

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Unisex premium quality vital design horse riding gloves.
Made with durable and breathable cowhide grain leather.
Possible materials are sheep, goat or in synthetic leather.
Soft cowhide leather construction for a soft and natural grip.
Premium quality state on cuff for a classic and elegant look.
Super and comfortable grip with ventilated fingers and thumb.
Open seams premium construction improves fit and comfort.
Snug fitted horse riding gloves that increase your grip and control of reins.
Durable leather for a secure and strong grip on lead while you are riding the horse.
Available in all color, size and combinations.