Horse Feed Bag

Horse feed bags are ideal for messy eaters that spit out or waste feed or feeding multiple horses giving supplements and dewormers in feed, or for use while camping or trail riding. These premium quality feed bags come with many, sizes, colors, designs and options.


Premium quality horse feed bags.
Made with 100% nylon material.
Breathable and durable mesh fabric.
Size 12 inches long x 8 inches wide.
Possible in any mouth and strap size.
Additional two nylon straps are sewn at lower side.
Strap 0.75 inches wide along with 0.75 inches buckle.
Adjustable nylon strap with high support plastic buckle.
Soft padding along the noseband to prevent irritation or rubbing.
Both sides of strap elastic bands are sewn for increase flexibility.
Mesh feed bags are lightweight, breathable and comfortable design.
Ventilation mesh to prevent excess moisture buildup and promote breathability.
Nylon construction featuring reinforced and bar tack stitching and bottom nylon reinforcements.
Available in all color, size and combination.