Elegant Horse Grooming Kit

Horse premium quality grooming tools are made from lightweight, durable and unbreakable materials. Elegant grooming kit keeps neat and clean your horse’s coat, hooves, mane and tail hairs healthy and looking their best. This premium quality grooming tools comes with many designs, size, color and options.


Premium quality house elegant grooming kit.
Made with high support nylon and wood material.
Lightweight horse cleaning kit enough for grooming your horse’s whole body.
Comfortable and durable you will feels very good to use this premium grooming kit.
Available in all color, size, design and combination.
Grooming kit is includes following 10 pieces;
1- Oval message curry for comfortable massage.
2- Mane comb for built long last neck hairs grooming.
3- Tail comb for built long last tail curl hairs grooming.
4- Hoof pick with brush for getting hooves cleaned out completely.
5- Soft brush for removing caked on dirt from horses body and legs.
6- Jelly scrubber is a soft and flexible curry that’s works great as a bathing mitt.
7- Spring curry comb one side for thin coats is half sharp and on the other for thick coats is full sharp.
8- Hard brush for grooming it will take less effort to remove dirt and hair that’s stirred up after currying.
9- Plastic message brush durable, smooth and round silicone that will help your horse keep clean and beautiful.
10- Contoured sweat scraper for removing excess water or sweat off of the coat to dry the horse quicker and fast.